What Is Parkour

Parkour is a functional movement of training "your" body to get over obstacles as fast and efficiently as possible. Jumping, vaulting, running, swinging, climbing, and rolling in an urban or natural environment is most common. See the video below for what parkour looks like in action.

Safety & Parkour

Parkour teaches you how to be safe in your movement and environment. Risk assessment and spatial awareness are always practiced. These are lifelong skills practitioners can take anywhere they go. While it is up to the individual to decide how they move, we teach the skills that help them make better decisions. Learning to fall safely is one of them.

History & Today

Originally founded in France by the "Yamakasi" group during the 1980's. Today parkour is practiced by thousands of practitioners worldwide known as "Traceurs". We now have hundreds of communities, gyms and parks around the world dedicated to the movement. We are continuing to share and grow it through parkour classes, community events and public gatherings. Check out our Facebook page to see when we are training next!

Can I Do Parkour?

Yes. regardless of age. As long as you are willing to try you can do parkour. Check out the quick video below of programs for people 50+ years young who are practicing parkour for the first time to increase their everyday health, functional fitness and fall prevention. Parkour doesn't have to be about high jumps and hard impact. We believe the importance of teaching parkour safely at your comfort level and inclusively to anyone who is willing to give it a try!

Life Is Movement

Remember it's your parkour, you choose how you move through the environment. That said it does help to have physical strength. Body conditioning, strength training and weight lifting are way's traceurs can achieve this. We include this in some of our classes. We're big on safety and longevity of the body because you only get one.

Register for our classes to learn the skills that will give you freedom of movement and like us on Facebook to see when the community will be training outside.

Our hope is that these video's give you a new understanding of parkour. That it's truly meant for anyone willing to learn and improve their ability to move throughout the world and overcome challenges!

Parkour Today

Parkour is a method of training to efficiently get over your obstacle. Have a look to see what parkour looks like.

Journey Parkour 2019

Parkour is for anyone curious about human movement at any age. Let’s increase functional fitness, body awareness and fun!